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Prof. Winfried Ruigrok

Uber liability

The German court decision to ban Uber will sustain the current structure of the German taxi market, and this is bad for German customers and innovation.  But Uber should not have been surprised.

Unlike in the Anglo-American (common law) system based on ex ante freedom of citizens and organisations, the German (civil law) system requires lots of (ex ante) negotiation […]

Prof. Winfried Ruigrok

Mifid II: Another Step in the Erosion of Switzerland’s Country-specific Financial Advantages

Some three decades ago, the globalisation of finance took off, leading to worldwide economic integration and an unprecedented growth of cross-border capital flows. However this process did not go hand in hand with harmonising national regulatory systems. National and financial authorities are now looking for measures to repair this, by moving towards a financial level playing field amongst financial institutions […]

Prof. Winfried Ruigrok

Swiss voters accept curbs on executive pay.

The result may be higher, not lower compensation.

This referendum outcome represents a triumph of the shareholder and of civil society- in the short run. In the future, shareholders will need to vote on listed Swiss firms’ executive pay packages. Nobody knows yet what this will mean.

Certainly, the past practice was not satisfactory. Boards of directors in Switzerland and […]